(or how to be a marketing stormtrooper and not an angry hillbilly)
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He may be increasingly controversial, but old Henry Ford knew a thing or two about how to get people to buy his cars. 

He’s most often quoted as saying; ‘Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The problem is I don’t know which half’. 

Just like old Henry, almost every customer you’ve ever had, you’ve paid for. But is your money being well spent? 

Whether it’s through advertising in magazines or online, your social media efforts, direct or electronic mail – you’ve had to spend hard earned cash and valuable time to get in front of the people or businesses you hope will buy your service. 

In tough times like these (and they don’t come much tougher) the pressure is on businesses to find new customers for the lowest possible outlay.  

Believe it or not, you have a massive advantage over the motor magnate. In Henry’s day, his marketing approach was pretty much limited to coming up with an effective print or radio advert and then putting it out there in the hope that enough of the people that saw or heard it would decide to become a customer.   

How to increase the likelihood of someone wanting to become your customer will be the subject of a future blog, but back to Henry for the time being. 

Now that Ford has his ads running, how does he know which ones have the biggest impact on the buying decision and how does he know which newspapers, magazines or radio station are specifically reaching more of those potential buyers? 

The only way back then to find out was to ask. Enter the market researcher with his questionnaires, graphs and focus groups.  All possible when you’re the biggest car manufacturer on the planet but probably out of the reach of most of us events professionals. 

In the absence of expensive market research teams, we entrepreneurs tend to use the scatter gun approach. As my old dad says, if you throw enough balls at the coconut, you’ll eventually win a fish.  

But that can be an expensive option too. We don’t have the deep pockets of the Ford Motor Company. We can’t afford to advertise in every magazine, web site or social media platform, no matter how much we fear our competitors will. 

Then there’s Google’s AdWords platform, the most profitable advertising medium on the planet and no wonder.  It tells you how many times your ad was clicked and how much it’s going to cost for each click – and we have absolutely no say in the matter. 

It’s the perfect business idea when you think about it. Imagine being able to tell your customers exactly what they owe you without ever having to really prove it!   

And all that aside, even if your AdWords campaign provides you with an avalanche of traffic, how many of those visitors actually make an enquiry? How often do you find that the enquiry is poor quality, or you’re not available on the date the client is interested in? What if their event is nowhere near your base? And how do you know your clicks haven’t been made by your competitors? 

So what’s the alternative? Well the opposite of a scatter gun approach has to be the laser. Ask any Imperial Stormtrooper. 

As event entrepreneurs, we need to know that if we’re paying for a lead, we’re actually available on the date and in the location of the event. It would also be useful to know what kind of event is being planned in case we’re not the right fit, or if we just don’t like the look or sound of what’s being planned.  

That’s where Eventace.com comes in. Our platform puts all the information in front of you before you spend any of your hard-earned marketing budget. 

It focuses like a laser on the kind of leads you actually want so you can choose whether or not to respond. Fully booked on the date? Location too far away? Don’t like doing 18th birthday parties? Fine – ignore that lead and focus your sites on the next one that comes along. 

That’s what Eventace.com equips you to do. Pick and choose the leads you want and don’t pay a penny unless you’re sure you’d like to speak to a potential customer actively looking for the service you provide. 

Think of Eventace.com as the high-tech marketing weapon of choice for the savvy event entrepreneur and leave the blunderbuss behind.  

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An actual angry hillbilly

While we’re at it, we’ll even throw in some free ammunition. For a limited period, we’re offering all our new Events Professionals 20 credits free – enough to allow you to pitch for up to 5 opportunities and if you get a booking as a result, you won’t pay a penny in commission. 

Add your profile to Eventace.com for free today. Get ready to strike back and bring your marketing bang up to date!  

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